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Run an In-Depth Competitor Analysis and Increase Your Market Share

Use Aajogo to run a competitor analysis on a professional level: predict where your competitors may outrank you, compare your backlink profile to those of your competitors and use their link building strategies to outperform them, estimate how many prospects your competitors get and increase your market share.

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Competitive SEO Analysis Tool

What You Get with the Aajogo Competitor Metrics Reports

Competitive Analysis Roadmap:

Use a Competitive Analysis Checklist to learn what key competitor metrics you should analyze on a regular basis to improve your site's performance.

Competitor Metrics Widgets:

6 informative widgets to evaluate at a glance how successful your business is against your competition.

Rankings for 20 Competitors:

Get a full ranking report to compare your visibility to the visibility of 20 of your competitors.

Competitor Backlink Profiles:

Check the quality of your competitors' off-page optimization and compare the key metrics to yours.

Competitor Traffic:

Find out how much visitor traffic your competitors get every month.

Competitor Social Citations:

Check the social citations of your home page and those of your competitors.

And spy on your competitors right away!